2010-03-06seAlbum #6 – Sé (pronounced ‘shay) in Irish.
Recorded at Amberville, Cullybacky in the north of Ireland and Marguerite Studios, Dublin. Produced by Trevor Hutchinson.
Features guitarists Tim Edey and Paul Meehan with additional licks from Conor Brady. Pat Fitzpatrick adds keys and Karl Ronan trombone.

1. The Cullybacky Hop – 4’49”
a. Mike Hobin’s *
b. Emmet’s Hedgehog (Niall Vallely)***
c. Dunrobin Castle *

2. Leckan Mor – 4’20”
a. Kalyana (Emer Mayock)
b. Above in the Garret **
c. Leckan Mór (Cillian Vallely)***

3. Absent Friends – 5’25”
a. Absent Friends (Kevin Crawford)***
b. Ivory Lady (Diarmaid Moynihan)

4. Loophead – 3’21”
a. Bolton St. *
b. The Millstream *
c. Loophead Lighthouse (Kevin Crawford)***

5. Midnight in Aviles – 4’38”
a. N’Alcordanza (Javier Tejedor)
b. Soig’s plinn **
c. Skolvan doubl plinn (Y.Le Bihan / D. Feon)

6. The Dingle Berries – 4’50”
a. The Hop Slide (Maire Breatnach)
b. Padraig O’Keefe’s **
c. Nessa the Mover (Brendan Larrissey)
d. Trip to Dingle (Alan Kelly)***

7. Black River – 3’36”
a. Across the Black River (Kevin Burke)
b. Iain MacDonald’s (Dan Hugh MacEachern)

8. Road to Barga – 3’03”
a. Timmy Collins’ **
b. Road to Barga (Cillian Vallely)***

9. Two of a Kind – 4’32”
a. Showacho (R.S. McDonald)
b. Portobello (Fred Morrison)

10. Glentrasna – 3’55”
Miss Admiral Gordon’s Strathspey **

11. Boy in the Boat – 4’53”
a. The Ballivanich Reel (Ian Kirkpatrick)
b. The Boy in the Boat *
c. The Stone of Destiny (Maurice Lennon)


Trevor Hutchinson – Double Bass
Sean Smyth – Fiddles and Whistles
Kevin Crawford – D, C &Bb Flutes, Low Whistles and Tin Whistles
Cillian Vallely – D & C Uilleann Pipes and Low Whistle
Paul Meehan – Guitars (Tracks 1,2,4,6,7,11)
Tim Edey – Guitars(Tracks 2,3,5,6,8,9,10)
Conor Brady – Acoustic & Electric Guitars (Tracks 5,7,9,10,11)
Pat Fitzpatrick – Piano (Track 3,10)
Karl Ronan -Trombone(Track 5)

*Trad. Arr. Crawford/Smyth/Hutchinson/Vallely/Meehan

**Trad. Arr. Crawford/Smyth/ Hutchinson/Vallely/Edey

* / ** / *** All published by SGO Music Publishing Ltd

Produced by Trevor Hutchinson

All tracks arranged by Lúnasa

Recorded at Amberville Studios, Cullybacky, Co. Antrim and Marguerite
Studios, Glasnevin, Dublin.

Engineered by Trevor Hutchinson and Enda Walsh

Mixed at Marguerite Studios by Trevor Hutchinson

Mastered by Sander van der Heide at Saint Of Sound/Polyhymnia International, Baarn, Netherlands

Design: Griffin Norman @ BOX

Photography by Giorgia Bertazzi www.giorgiabertazzi.com