2010-03-06redwoodThis was our last album for Green Linnet. Released in 2003.
“Redwood” was conceived during a band break at Matt Greenhill’s ranch near Occidental, California in October 2001. We wanted to capture the live impact of Lúnasa, without losing the sonic quality that we always endeavour to achieve on our albums. We checked out a few studios in the area and happened upon the renowned Prairie Sun Studios in Cotati. We booked ourselves in for 10 days in the middle of our February 2002 US tour. It was a wonderful and unique experience and we hope you enjoy the result.

However, as a result of problems, we and other artist were having with Green Linnet, things didn’t quite work out as planned … There are 3 versions of this album:

1. Japanese – correct CD and artwork(Japanese)
2. Green Linnet – correct CD (eventually) and incorrect artwork
3. Lunasa – available only from our site and at our shows – correct CD and artwork.


1. Cregg’s Pipes
2. Welcome Home
3. Harp And Shamrock
4. Fest Noz
5. Spoil The Dance
6. A Stor Mo Croi
7. Dublin To Dingle
8. Lady Ellen
9. Cotati Nights
10. Two-Fifty To Vigo
11. Temple Hill