Lá Nua

Lúnasa celebrate the arrival of a new decade with Lá Nua (Irish for ‘new day’). After a 4-year hiatus from the studio, this highly-anticipated album came out of extensive rehearsal and recording on location in the beautiful Cooley mountains in the northeast of Ireland. This environment, rich in the history and culture of ancient Ireland, inspired much of the creativity and new writing on the recording. The album will be released in digital format worldwide 6th April 2010. CDs are available from the site shop.

Lá Nua – Tracklisting

The New Day March (Kevin Crawford – SGO)
Ryestraw (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
An Old Woman Would (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)

“The Raven’s Rock”
The Raven’s Rock (Cillian Vallely – SGO)
Ruby’s Reel (Kevin Crawford – SGO)
The Beehive (Nollaig Casey – IMRO)

“Tro Breizh”
Tadin-Tinaketa (Y. le Bihan / G. le Bigot – unknown)
Marche des Charbonniers (Pol Jezequel – unknown)
Ridées Six Temps (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)

“Fruitmarket Reels “
Joe Tom’s (John Faulkner – IMRO)
Supernose (Gabe McVarish – MCPS)
Buntata’s Sgadán (Allan McDonald – MCPS)

“Doc Holliday’s”
East Village Days (Cillian Vallely – SGO)
Timmy’s Place (Cillian Vallely – SGO)
Doc Holliday’s (Cillian Vallely – SGO)

“Unapproved Road”
Brady’s (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
Connacht Heifers (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)

“Island Lake”
Tune for Dad (Kevin Crawford – SGO)
The Island Lake (Kevin Crawford – SGO)

Ciara’s Dance (Cillian Vallely – SGO)
Burning Snowball (Johnny McCarthy – unknown)
Road to Reel (Tommy Cunniffe – unknown)

“Pontevedra to Carcarosa”
Marcha Processional du corpus de Pontevedra (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
Pasacorredoires ‘de Mustad a Millares’ (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
Muniera Carcarosa (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)

“The Shore House”
Inverness County Reel (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
The Beauty Spot (Trad Arr. Lúnasa – SGO)
The Shore House Reel (Kevin Crawford – SGO)