The Irish Times

The Irish Times gave “The Merry Sisters of Fate” a five star ABSOLUTELY UNMISSABLE rating.

“Third album in and they’re already breaking speed limits. Lunasa, the quintet whe’ve been ricocheting back and forth accross the globe, notching up more live appearances than Bertie Aherne, are rightfully bearing fruit of every texture and hue. Defined by their driving percussion,courtesy of Trevor Hutchinson’s opinionated double bass and Donogh Hennessy’s vital acoustic guitar, they inevitably invite Bothy Band comparisons. But their evolution is as much part of the present as the past:original tunes abound,finesse shares equal status with percussion,and so Sean Smyths fiddle weaves cosily between Kevin Crawfords flute and Cillian Vallely’s ever -subtle piping.Standouts are plentiful,particularly PAISTIN FIONN with its courtly clarinet,and Donogh and Mikes 1st August/Windbroke,the latter a legacy from Mike Mc Goldrick,one of Lunasa’s original line-up.Intricate layering of strings,rhythm and melody swapping top billing when the time is right , It doesn’t get much better that this”