The Georgia Straight (Vancouver BC)

Otherworld Out of this World:

Lunasa shows the future of traditional Irish music is a bright oneOtherworld is as close to perfection as any recording of instrumentalCeltic music I can recall, and there aren’t enough fresh superlatives toto praise it adequately. The musicianship of fiddler and whistle playerSean Smyth, flutist Kevin Crawford, guitarist Donogh Hennessey, andformer Waterboys bassist Trevor Hutchinson is flawless; the quality andthe choice of tunes (several of them written by band members) areexcellent; and the arrangements are impressively innovative, especiallythe use of multiple woodwinds on several tracks

….Lunasa plays with rhythmic verve while possessing an intuitive graspof the many subtleties of the music. With young tradition-based bandslike this to carry it on, the core of Irish music is safe frome theallurements of Vegas-style step-dance extravaganzas and new-ageromanticism alike.

-Tony Montague