So much dross hits the shelves in the name of celtic music thes days that everybody queuing up to purchase the latest pseudo-new age nonsense by Lorenna Mc Kennitt or worse should have it ripped our of their hands to be replaced by this wondrously fiery CD.By now Lunasa must be heartily sick of being compared to The Bothy Band, but it’s a relevant reference point; nobody since the Bothies has wielded such a thrilling rhythmic underlay,switching pace and mood with a Donogh Hennessy guitar dynamic that’s the equal of Donal Lunny in his heyday. The irrepressible flautist Kevin Crawford is right up there with Matt Molloy and his flowing interplay with fiddle and pipes maintains a breathtaking pace and energy throughout a blistering,yet also imaginative,album. Earthy,soulful, and instinctive, Lunasa have surpassed even their own last benchmark album Otherworld.