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  1. Josh Polak said on :

    Potomac Celtic Festival was great. We were there on Sunday and the kids at the festival were a great joy! Years ago I remember Sean takin a good break on the the tinwhistle. I'd like to hear that again sometime!!! Great shows!!! Come back soon.

  2. Hrvoje said on :

    I,as well as my friends,think you're the best band in the world in this brand of music.We were wondering if you're planning to play anywhere near Croatia,'cause we would really like to hear you play live.
    All the best to the band!

  3. Kelly said on :

    Hi guys,

    I'm sorry for you, what a bad luck… Hopefully you'll at least get back your flute.

    Good luck!

    Kelly – Netherlands

  4. Rachel DAwick said on :

    I can't even begin to tell you guys how much the time in Nelson meant to me – not only incredibly inspirational but well this NZ'er is now shifting to Ireland to follow her dream of singing Celtic music and to be living in a land that seems to have the same heart as lies in Aotearoa………….see you guys in August!


    PS Donogh – thanks heaps for your amazing guitar workshops….. now a converted Double D drop tuning songwriter!

  5. Dave Kunz said on :

    Please come back to Portland Oregon soon, we love you !

  6. Siobhan said on :

    Just checked the tour list because there are two places I'm at in September: Bradford and San Jose. Ho ho ho it's the exact opposite times the band is at those places. The opposite of fate or what.

  7. Maura McGillivan said on :

    Just adore all of your CD's…but the very , very best is Otherworld… Are you ever going to play in Liverpool?

  8. Audz said on :

    What a fabulous evening to be had last night from 5 AMAZING, talented musicians. You guys are a great inspiration for up & coming musicians. Sadly though, it was tainted by people who have no idea what grief they have caused by stealing from you…I truly feel for you all and I hope a positive outcome comes from visiting a great New Zealand city…Wellington (aka Welly). You played on regardless of how you were feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed your music and would love you all to come back to Welly again real soon, without the staining of those who steal. Enjoy the rest of your touring in New Zealand and thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents! Your instruments are your tales…Kia Kaha (be strong) Much love Audz:]

  9. Florian said on :

    Mes félicitations pour vôtre groupe !

    C'est le groupe Irlandais le plus extroordinaire que je connaisse ! Vraiment quand j'écoute vôtre musique mon coeur vibre très fort !
    Merci pour ce bonheur qui se nomme Lunasa !

    Florian Le petit Gaiteiro !

  10. Lyza Leeburn said on :

    I don't think I have ever been so impressed by a band or by people in a band. My mum, dad and my three sons attended, ages ranging from 5 years to 55. All of us have a complete ball. Even after when the three kids went up for autographs, the guys were so obliging and wonderfull. Incredible and so highly recomended… Thank you !!

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