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  1. Philip Gilroy said on :

    the basement sunday 23rd may, a fantastic spectacle of irish music. I get the distinct impression that the lads like playing at this famous venue. what can i say about the kinnitty sessions 'a work of art'. come back soon!!!

  2. Chris Berkeley said on :

    Took a trip up to the Blue Mountains last night to see Lunasa return to their roots at the Clarendon Theatre a small venue in the heart of Katoomba. Kevin Crawford explained that the band had been conceived if not consumated in Room 26 of the adjacent hotel back in '97.

    The purpose of the tour is to promote the latest album and most of what they played on Monday night was from the album interspersed with a bit of stuff from earlier albums and unrecorded material – but not much.

    What can you say about a band like this performing Irish and Celtic music in what seems to be an authentic and very traditional way. It was a workmanlike performance – professional even – these are acclaimed artists after all. But may be it was the small venue or perhaps the relatively aged audience that caused the concert for me to be missing a spark or certain grittiness that I have experienced with other bands I have seen over the last 30 odd years.

    I was particularly impressed with the playing of Trevor Hutchinson whose double bass seemed to be be the solid rock on which the structure of almost all the tunes was based – more so than is apparent on the albums.

    One point worth making is that the sound was perfectly balanced with no distortion or over powering volume and KC geve full credit to the engineer on tour whose name now escapes me.

    I will keep buying the albums and go to their concerts when they return.

  3. Shannon O'Leary said on :

    a friend of mine just saw you guys in sydney australia and said that you guys rocked. I hope to get to your gig in Melbourne on saturday night.
    You guys should come to Melbounre for another gig sometime in the near future.
    Love the cds and i just love to listen to this sort of music all the time.

  4. Chris Berkeley said on :

    Just to explicate the previous post – audio of The Planet is available for one week after broadcast – check recent playlists if not no main page of The Planet site.

  5. Melissa said on :

    Caught the group for the few-day-early St. Patty's show in Manhattan, KS (the 'Little Apple'). Have been a fan for quite a few years, and was thinking that in moving to Kansas from Michigan, I had missed any chance I might have had. You can imagine my surprise when I saw that they were playing less than two weeks after I made the move! Loved the show, love the music, and will continue to happily listen for many years to come.

  6. Anna said on :

    Dera Lunasa, I saw you guys when you came to New Mexico and really enjoyed your proformed. You do a good job of taking old tunes and dressing them up as well as composing awesome new music. Keep up the good work!!!!!

  7. Ruth said on :

    Love the music/sound. I play harp in a session group and we play a lot of your music. My favorite is Stack of Rye. Great chords. When are you coming out with the music book for Redwood and Kinnitty tunes? Bought the one for your other tunes off your site. You need to come back to Dallas. Saw you in 2003 at the Irish Festival. Great music guys.

  8. Steelydealydrummerpete said on :

    Lunasa's the reason why I listen to Irish music so frequently. The feeling when listening to your music…ineffable…wordless. It's just so awesome to have such talented musicians like you guys…keep up the amazing work!

  9. grant coughlin said on :

    I was travelling in Ireland in Sept. & Oct. 2003.
    Lunasa played in my home town, Banff Canada
    while I was in Ireland. I've just looked at your tour schedule…..you're coming back Oct. 7th,2004
    to Banff….the word around town was that your show was FANTASTIC…..Thanks so much, I'll be there this time.

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