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  1. aaron weaver said on :

    love your band

  2. Martin said on :

    Heartily second everything Debbie said about last night in York. Travelled up from near Birmingham , worth every motorway mile ! and more. Keep coming back to the Ceol Castle too. Great gigs , great venue. Thanks again. Martin&Gill

  3. Debbie said on :

    Superb gig in York last night! The sound was fantastic – you did the brilliant acoustics of the NCEM total justice. Thanks for an evening of GREAT music – stunned by the sheer musicality of your performances. Would love to see you in a 'dancing' venue next!! NCEM a wee bit too sedate for that! Debbie

  4. John Cutliffe said on :

    Hey all. Alice who writes for us at JigTime just wrote a nice review of the album this week. She did a great review of the New York show a few weeks back too. Anyway have a look

    Slainte All

    John C

  5. Philip Gilroy said on :

    i've been looking forward to you blokes comming back "down-under" since your last visit your music is heaven sent don't forget to bring plenty of cd's to sell as yours are still hard to find in sydney. good luck God bless

  6. John said on :

    Was at the gig in Dublin last night. Best trad band I've heard. Brought my other half along (who wasn't really into trad) and she thought it was fantastic. Would have been great to hear some more tunes off the Redwood album but the new tunes sound great.

  7. Donald Hennigan(Sparky) said on :

    Along with everyone else who hears you guys play, I have never heard such inspiring music.I will never forget sitting in Millard Auditorium at the Univ. of Hartford a few years back actually feeling my jaw drop when you played. I could not believe what I was hearing!To this day, I still am completly engulfed by your music whenever I listen to one of your CDs.Forget when you are in Hartford and we hear you live.There is nothing better!My girlfriend and I are counting the days to June 19th when you'll again play at UofH.By the way, I'm the guy who met Kevin and Trevor at the hotel in Hartford that had the John Lennon exhibit showing a "couple" of years ago.

  8. Lynne said on :

    When are you going to come to TEXAS!?

  9. Conor said on :

    Hey guys.

    Were trying to organise a Gay rights concert in dublin and would love you guys to headline.. I'm not too sure if you are homosexual or not but that does'nt matter as it's just about raising Gay awareness and promoting the gay way of life.. Please email me back and let me know or else you can call in and see me in GUBU's pub in Capel Street in dublin.. Just ask for Conor..

    Love you guys (especially Donogh xxx)


  10. Rob Gardner said on :

    Got to see Lunasa in Cheboygan, MI on March 26th on their current tour. I've seen alot of Celtic bands over the years & this is by far the best group I've ever seen, period! If you get the chance to see Lunasa don't pass it up. Bands like Lunasa don't come around often enough! I look forward to seeing them again & hope that they'll add Canada on their tours.

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