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  1. Fuzz said on :

    I heard the Band for the 1st time last evening in Wellsboro PA! What a great group of musicians. And adding Ashley Davis to the show was OUTSTANDING! Her voice is fabulous, and fits uniquely into the celtic sound of Lunasa!
    Thank you!

  2. OB said on :

    Buffalo is ready for you! Our snow is your rain! Enjoy it

    Very excited to see the group for the first time. See you there!

  3. Cormaneys said on :

    Sweet Lord and baby Geezus- Lawrence KS is much darker at night without some Lunasa, Sincerely, Elle- Candi and Wader

  4. Lance Beswick said on :

    Time for a trip to Canada! Edmonton, Alberta is a great venue…(and we have one of the best folk festivals in the world)

  5. Ethan said on :

    Please come back to Houston! It’s been too long, and we miss you dearly.

  6. RdWd said on :

    Would love to see you guys in Wales sometime. Nothing else like you guys in the Celtic music scene.

  7. Annie said on :

    We loved your concert tonight at the Haven in Charlottesville! Danced in our seats. You all are master musicians with wonderful energy. Thank you!

  8. Vyoma said on :

    Thank you for coming to NM! We really enjoyed your show in Santa Fe. It was awesome! Please visit us soon!

  9. Brent Bonwell said on :

    Thanks for coming back to Santa Fe and bringing Tim O’Brien with you. Fantastic concert and looking forward to your next visit.

  10. Glenn Longacre said on :

    Wow! Knocked flat by you guys and Tim O’Brien at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. Purchased four of your CDs from Amazon the next day! You guys rock!

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