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  1. Glenn Longacre said on :

    Wow! Knocked flat by you guys and Tim O’Brien at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. Purchased four of your CDs from Amazon the next day! You guys rock!

  2. Bob Galdo said on :

    YO (a real Philly word)!

    Wonderful concert in Philly on 12/18/15! Nice touch with Karen Casey singing with a great band and the Christmas tunes as a gift! Kevin… give Karen the $10 you owe on the Bet!

    Thanks folks for the great picture of all of you. Kevin, you look like the Irish Elf in that hat! Memorable. You have my email so if you send me an address, I will forward you the picture.

    Merry Christmas and a Great, Happy New Year.

    Bobby O’Galdo

  3. Olivia said on :

    My husband and I attended your concert in Pictou last night. What a talented group and fun evening we had. When we got home, my husband pulled out the guitar (wishing it was a Martin) and I pulled out the piano stool…great music really does inspire. Can’t wait to tell others of the incredible talent of Lunasa.Thanks. (P.S. And I was step dancing in my seat)

  4. Jim said on :

    I just saw today that you guys are playing at the Old Triangle in Halifax next week! Sadly for me, they were sold out a month ago. Surely you could have had a larger venue such as the Cohn or Spatz Theatre? That would have been amazing. Guess I’ll have to sit at the bar and listen to you guys upstairs…..

    By the way, try the Uncle Leo’s Smoked Porter when you’re there.

  5. Normand McDonald said on :

    Hello friends, The dates for your tour appear to be incorrect. I live in Fredericton New Brunswick. Our concert is on December 5th not the 4th. If this is correct, which it is as I have a ticket for that event, then many of your other dates would also be incorrect. Just thought you would like to know this. I look forward to enjoying your presentation here in Fredericton. Have a GREAT day. Normand

    • Cillian Vallely said on :

      Hi Normand, the dates listed are correct. Lunasa will play at The Fredericton Playhouse on Friday Dec 4th. Their website will confirm this.


  6. Catherine C. Crawford said on :

    Hello “Cousin Kevin,”

    John and I (his wife Catherine) will see you this evening at the Gaelic Club in East Haven, CT.
    Two years ago my daughter Pamela and I saw you play at the Crawford Reunion at the Miltown Malbay Gathering. John is a descendant of the Clohanmore line of John “Stack” Crawford.
    We sat at your sister’s table for awhile and enjoyed you that Saturday night. We look forward to tonight.
    Crawford Cousins

  7. Roger said on :

    Hey Lúnasa! Where are you?? The whole irish crowd is awaiting you for the annual Irish Folk Festival in Zurich. And you won’t be there??? Is this true??? :-(

  8. John Ryan said on :

    I have been listening to our music for over a decade and your seem to keep going from strength to strength.

    As an Irishman living abroad, your music is a way for me to keep emotionally connected with my homeland. Thank you for the amazing music.

    Please come to Japan soon!

  9. Cate Mooney said on :

    Please come to Asheville, North Carolina.

  10. Sandie Cannady said on :

    My husband and I saw you in Exeter, England, when we were visiting our granddaughter who was attending Exeter University (15 October 2014). We enjoyed your performance immensely and enjoyed talking with Kevin at breakfast the following morning at the hotel.

    We are waiting for you to tour the Western USA–Washington State or Oregon or even CA. We will surely get to your performance if/when you do.

    Thank you for brightening the lives of many.

    Sandie Cannady
    Tumwater, WA – USA

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