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  1. Leah O'Brien said on :

    My son (CYSO musician – flute) won’t stop talking about how much fun it was to play with you guys! He had a great time and I know all of the CYSO students enjoyed this rare opportunity! Not only did you gain a whole bunch of student fans, but I am pretty sure their parents as well! My son is now looking over your tour schedule to see where he can fit in a road trip to see your concert with his school schedule – THANK YOU for sharing your AMAZING music and talent with us!!

  2. Lisa Bright said on :

    I am so looking forward to your visit to Tarpon Springs FL. I am a great fan of Celtic/Irish music and went nuts in Ireland when surrounded by this wonderful sound. I play piccolo and have done some jigs in concert with a group I play with.

    Hope you will have some CD’s for sale at the concert. Can’t wait!!

  3. Bob Galdo said on :

    YO… Listening to the PBS concert on my DVR and checked your schedule.

    When you coming back to Sellersville, or how about the Keswick…….Miss the live music

    Bob O’Galdo

  4. Nadine Dudley said on :

    It really Excited romantic most beautiful music… :)

  5. Michael Ghilarducci said on :

    So glad you guys are still on top after so long. Been a fan in the U.S. since 2003 but haven’t had the chance to see you live. Still hoping to change that, even if I have to fly cross-country. I hope you guys are making good money. Musicians generally don’t these days. Thanks for everything and God bless.

  6. F.Berryer said on :

    For sure, one day we will come to hear you in Eire…to be sure to dance and clap hands with…everybody!

  7. JORDI SALA said on :

    Dear friends,
    I hope for that you have to be able to return to Barcelona and have the pleasure and the privilege to hear you and greet you again.
    Best regards

  8. Leo said on :

    You play the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard! The day will come when I’ll see you live.
    Greetings from a Brazilian that loves Irish music.

  9. Frank Burke said on :

    Had a wonderful time at your show here in Albany NY. Wondering if there is set list available. Thank you.( Of particular interest was the title of the tune dedicated to the Clare piper who is unfortunately (fortunately never used banter)no longer with us. )

  10. Laura said on :


    Wonderful show tonight; thank you all so much!!!

    Hackettstown, NJ
    March 15, 2014

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