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  1. Ger McCarthy said on :

    Great show in Berkeley tonight boys even tough we missed the first 15 mins due to traffic on the Bay Bridge. Suzy will represent the McCarthy’s in Melbourne next week, safe travels amarach.

  2. Katrina said on :

    Saw your concert tonight in Anchorage…It was fantastic! Please don’t wait 7 years to come back again. Thank you.

  3. Jesús said on :

    I´ve all yours cds, and my girlfriend and me loved all yours songs, and we would like see Lunasa in spain again,still i get excite when i think in yours last concert
    we are waiting for a concert or a new album all is a good new for ours

  4. R J Lannan said on :

    Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra
    Lúnasa Records

    “Le chéile go deo”*

    Although band members have come and gone in this well-known Irish band, it is Lúnasa’s music that has always been their strength, literally the glue that holds these talented performers together. Formed in 1996, the band currently is made up of some high caliber musicians; Seán Smyth on the fiddle and whistles, Cillian Vallely on Uilleann pipes, Kevin Crawford on flutes and whistles, Trevor Hutchinson on double bass and Ed Boyd on guitar. Collectively, the band has issued nine previous recordings and now this one, Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, which, I think is their tour de force. The RTÉ Concert Orchestra is an award winning organization whose roots go all the way back to 1948 in radio and other mediums. The addition of this incredible ensemble adds a sense of drama and fullness to this already remarkable traditional Irish and Celtic recording.

    Casu, the opening tune, starts out slowly, then builds, and gives the band and the orchestra a workout that can only be labeled as pure joy. As is the case of most Traditional Irish music, each track is compiled of several aires, jigs, and reels. The music of Casu features great flute and guitar with a resounding backup from the orchestra.

    An Buachaillin Ban (The Fair-haired Boy) is a suite of songs that seamlessly blend into a lament of sorrow although the subject matter is quite poignant. The melancholy ballad, which sounds mystical and classical, is over eleven minutes long and reminds me of a goltraí, a song of sadness. It is my favorite on the album.

    The influence that Cillian Valley had on the Lord of the Dance score is quite evident on the tune Lekan Mor. I can easily imagine the leaps and bounds of the characters as the music plays out with a lively flourish. The flutes and whistles convey a sense of magic and encourage you to believe.

    The Minor Bee is made up of the trilogy Minor Slip, Ronde de Loudeac and the Red Bee. Tremendous flute work in this as the orchestra seems to act as a background vocal. The Brittany tune, Ronde de Loudeac or the Leprechaun Dance as it is sometimes called, is a spritely jig amongst the The Slip and the Red Bee, but all are quite animated.

    With dark brooding cello, the song The Merry Sisters of Fate closes the album like a bittersweet goodbye. The Neo-classical recording of one their more popular tunes (and an album title) shows the flexibility and creativity of the band. The haunting cello paints a foreboding background of mists and fens until you get a jolt of Seán’s fiddle. The tune then takes life and the race is on.

    The music is more than just a swaree. The pairing of a full-bodied orchestra and a band of talented traditionalists makes for some extraordinary entertainment. You get the best of many worlds in these reels, namely Celtic, Irish, Folk, and Classical. The sound is a balance of yesterday and today. Their music is reminiscent of the best that came of Ronan Hardiman for the Lord of the Dance musicals and a magical blend of traditional tunes, which are performed by highly skilled artists. Artists in every sense of the word.

    Rating: Excellent

    * “Together, forever”

  5. Marianne Colleran Caven said on :

    Thanks for a great show at the Grand Opera House! I attended with two friends, one of whom hails from Offaly, many decades removed from her hometown, but I don’t think she could have enjoyed it more! It was “brilliant”! A great mix for the advent of the holiday season!

  6. Marcel said on :

    Great gig last night in IJmuiden. Saw you first a couple of years ago (10-15…)and it is good to see you have evolved into a very well balanced band that perform a great live show.
    The only sad thing is I forgot to request two songs up front that, logically then, weren’t performed. This means you have to come back in due time to do “Killarney boys” and “for absent friends”…..
    Regards from the Netherland

  7. Phil Hayoz said on :

    Beeing with you last night at the “Irish Festival” in Basel was unfogettable.
    THANKS for your exciting show !
    Looking forward to see you again soon… somewhere..wouldn’t be difficult as your tour brings you all over the world. Enjoy it !

  8. April Fallon said on :


  9. Bob Galdo said on :

    Great concert on WHYY last night from your Sellersville Theater appearance back in February. Nice to see it again (and again and again as it is on my DVR, permanently!).

    Bob O’Galdo

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