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  1. Cath said on :

    Oh wow incredibly talented. Your music makes we dream of being Irish. Whenever I hear the uillean pipes in particular I think I may faint with the thrill. Off to Dublin soon and I’ve put 4 albums on my MP3 to really get me hyped up.

  2. scnappen.at said on :

    Liebe Grüße aus dem Burgenland, hello from austria

  3. Bob Galdo said on :

    What a surprise last night when turning on Mountain Stage in the Philly area.


    You guys sounded SOOO GOOOOOD, in fact, a couple of embellishments that really made it even better.

    Great to hear you doing such a fine concert on Mountain Stage. Guess it’ll be hard to get tickets up front near the stage after that performance!

    Again…. CONGRATS!

    Bob O’Galdo

  4. Bob Galdo said on :

    Best performance ever last night in Sellersville. Outstanding and can’t wait to see it on PBS’s WHYY. Please send an email when you know when it will be aired.

    We missed the ‘rug’ Kevin was sporting! You could see he was like a school boy ready to explode with mischief but was reserved for the cameras.

    My family has been following you boys for years. Saw you last in West Philly (hence the reference) and Kevin remembers Ryan who Kevin came down off the stage to sit next to in the front row for a little chat.

    My mother’s maiden name was McCartney and there’s Fitzgerald blood too so don’t get fooled by my the last name! Offered years ago to buy you beers when you hit the Philly area but now I’m upping the offering with a real Italian Dinner if you’re brave and ‘The Mayor’ can let you go a day!

    Guess who’s coming to dinner? (we’re musicians too so we might have some fun!). And if not dinner, see you at your next performance near Philly.

    Bob O’Galdo

  5. Alejandro said on :

    An incredible show of authentic Irish culture…the slow pieces captivated me most. Especially the gentleman on the Bass.

    Thanks for stopping by Fitchburg State!

  6. Kristin said on :

    I love your music. Keep up the great work.

  7. akira said on :

    When you come to Poland?

  8. Yordanka Vragova said on :

    The best band ever!

  9. Zina Ru said on :

    Thank you for your lovely songs. Irish melodies are among the most beautiful in the world. Be proud of they and of your beautiful country. Sorry for my english.

    Go raibh maith agat

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