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  1. lauren said on :

    hi just wondering if anyone knows how to get hold of tickets for the dublin gig on the 17th. no reply from the box office for the last few weeks.cheers

  2. Cathy Kresh said on :

    Wow! Saw your show last night in Ann Arbor, Michigan at the Ark. I really enjoyed hearing such excellent musicians (I am a musician myself). I was also fascinated with the bagpipes. I am an elementary music teacher and I was raving about you to my students today and describing the various instruments I had never seen before. I plan to purchase one of your CD's at my earliest opportunity so I can share it with my students. Thanks for a great show!

  3. Sara Short said on :

    I've been listening to Lunasa for several years but just recently (March 10th in Reston,VA to be exact) got to see and hear you live. Unbelievable!!! I thought you were good before but I can't get over your energy in live performance! Wow…Now I'm even more hooked on Lunasa. Thanks for coming back to Reston and please don't take us off your schedule. Your music is truly inspired and inspiring. Thanks!

  4. Lucy shopen said on :

    Hi I went to see you guys Kansas City K.S I took a picture with you on my dads camra and I love the music. Im really starting to get into that music. I also went to Leahy a couple weeks before. Their wonderful also I can't tell which I like better. Do you guys sing. Just wondering Kevin started to sing but you did do it after you laughed. Sorry I can't spell.
    well hope to catch you latter
    Lucy Shopen and all
    God Bless

  5. DOROTHY said on :

    Your concert Friday in Springfield was fantastic!!!! You are wonderful musicians! If you ever return to the Dayton-Springfield, OH area (Please, please) I will be sure to bake a carrot cake for you to make up for your loss. Do you want cream cheese icing?
    Your happy fan, Dorothy

  6. liz said on :

    hey! i saw your concert last night and it was absolutly amazing! i went with my best friend laura and they dedicated a song to us on stage!!! omg! i was like hyperventilating!

  7. nora said on :

    LUNASA IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mary Ray Worley said on :

    I saw you last night at Martyr's in Chicago–drove all the way from Madison, Wisconsin, to see you, and it was completely worth it. You are five of the best musicians I have ever seen or heard in my life. I was completely riveted. Your music is stunning, innovative, utterly original, completely compelling. I am so hooked! I especially love the pieces you played from the new album. I am a fan for life. I will be sure to see you live again the next chance I get, and I will be giving your CDs as gifts to everyone I know who loves great music. Whatever you do, don't stop! Your passion for your music shines through like a beacon in the night. Thank you!

  9. Bridget Konopacki said on :

    Thank you for braving the mid-western winter treck to play in our small town, Wausau Wisconsin. The Grand Theater has never shown brighter than last night. Best wishes with the tour, we'll be cheering for you from here!

  10. Tara Goering said on :

    I saw you perform in Manhattan, Kansas on Sunday the 14th, and WOW, what an experience. I haven't removed "The Merry Sisters of Fate" from my CD player since then. Keep up the amazing music!

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