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  1. Seinnteoir said on :

    Kevin has recorded three solo albums, ‘’D’Flute Album’, ‘In Good Company’and ‘Carrying the Tune’

  2. Myles Murphy said on :

    California..San Francisco when.?
    still tell my friends you were the best live show i have ever seen…
    please come back to Northern California……

  3. Martin Sorohan said on :

    You lads usually do a gig in Dublin around the Christmas / New Year to feed us live gig starved trad junkies. Any word of a date for this year. Come on…

    Happy Christmas to all in the band.

  4. Mark Haynes said on :

    Wow!!! What a great concert in Albuquerque!! My daughter and I live 3 hours form Albuquerque and had to drive back last night. got home at 2:30 AM!! Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!!

    The boys were in great form. It was magical and wonderful. The great thing about the Lunasa guys is that they are so accessible to the fans! They never give you the “hurry up and get done” look. They love spending time with the fans and it shows.

    If they are near, you must go hear them. They are the best. Way to go, guys! Hey, make Flagstaff, AZ, next time. A little closer to home :-) Love you guys!

  5. Mark Haynes said on :

    Get to hear the lads tomorrow night in Albuquerque!! Can’t wait! Should be a great show!!

  6. Ventzi Zhechev said on :

    Hey, I just watched your concert at the Freight&Salvage online. Had to get up at 6am but it was definitely worth it. Great job all!!!

    Sadly, I missed your concert here in Switzerland, but I hope to catch you next time.
    Still remember fondly watching you live in Dublin at the Button Factory a few years back.


  7. John Ryan said on :

    The lads are coming over beautifully tonight on concertwindow.com from Berkeley. Goosebumps. Thank God the old telly packed up so the wife couldn’t mangle me for getting the internet TV and sound system to do justice to the best trad band of all time (though they stand on the shoulders of giants). With Sir Matt Busby on flute/whistle and Jeremey Irons on bass, it’s an all-star cast. Killian and Sean, thank you. Welcome Ed.

  8. Roger said on :

    We like to thank you for the great performance this evening in Zurich. It was the first concert of Irish folk music but certainly not the last! So we look forward to meet you next year at the same place.

    Thanks also a lot for your kindness by signing the CD!

    Wish you all the best.

    Erika + Roger

  9. dermot hayes know as the comrade said on :

    Ya I do remember the Bothy and all those great guys. When I did hear you music recently I said to myself that is fantastice music. We need to hear more on RTE 1 etc Lyric as well. It Irish after all. Slan and best the best lads

  10. Antoinette Bakker said on :

    I see now that you have been to the Netherlands this year!!! Outch, that hurts…:-( I didn’t know about that. Well I will keep on dreaming to see you guys in the future ;-)

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