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  1. Antoinette Bakker said on :

    Will you be playing in The Netherlands in the coming year or so? I am totally in love with your music.

    I wish to come to Ireland in the coming years. It is my dream destination. I could live there :-)

    Keep up the good work! Looking forward to see you on stage in the future.

    BTW, it seems you are having a lot of troubles with spam in your guestbook. There are more options to have an guestbook which don’t have these troubles ;-) Just ask! It is my job.

  2. Dude said on :

    Please come to Germany

  3. Rob Parsons said on :

    What a Great night at the Turner Simms Southampton , Really enjoyed the concert , wonderful up beat dance music with good humour . Brilliant !!

  4. cathryn said on :

    Great gig at the Torrington Plough last night. Lovely to see my cousin Cillian too


  5. Catherine MacLean said on :

    just saw you at the Juntion in Cambridge – magical!!!!

  6. Mackdogg said on :

    Please come to Cheyenne Wyoming.

  7. Jellybing said on :

    Saw the guys at Chippy theatre last night. Brilliant!

  8. Kingsley Ngadiuba said on :

    When I heard Snowball I wanted to go out and play

  9. Kingsley Ngadiuba said on :

    In Italy, please!!

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