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  1. Lisa said on :

    keven, check out “ibobs” glasses handmade in Minneapolis. Affordable “designer” eyewear.

  2. James in GR said on :

    Looking forward to seeing you lads again at Fenians next week!

  3. JMurdock said on :

    Love your music. Look forward to you coming to Salt Lake City area in Utah, USA.

  4. Shane Cranney said on :

    Hope to see Lunasa in Dundalk some day!

  5. Martin S said on :

    Great Gig in the Grand Social last Week. Thanks for playing Island Paddy for me Kevin. Already looking forward to your next Dublin Gig.

  6. Frida & Erika said on :

    Hi! Your music is amazing! When will you come to Sweden?

  7. Kelly Bixler said on :

    We really loved seeing you in Des Moines last spring and hope to see you again soon! I listen to your CD often. Come back to Des Moines.

    Your favorite Irish fan!

  8. Mick Duffy said on :

    A Poem for Sean Smith

    The Night Bird

    A solitary bird that never flies with the flock,

    flying high above the clouds safe from birds of prey.

    Never joining in dawn’s chorus lest it is caught and caged,

    living in the remotest of places where it thrives.

    Once kept in a cage by the Queen and her sister,

    displayed at court and even taught to do tricks.

    The Queen secretly named the bird “The Fool”

    but the bird escaped and flew far away, never to return.

    Because it is so elusive people forget it exist

    but in the darkest of nights, its sweet song’s can be heard.

    And those that hear, the distinctive sound, know,

    that the mysterious night bird is still wild and free.

    (c) all rights reserved Mick Duffy

  9. Óscar said on :

    Thank’s, thank’s a lot for your music.

  10. lea said on :

    I love your music very much, and please come to Israel .

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