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  1. Sean Patrick said on :

    So, word is that Lunasa is soon to announce an Australian Tour – for 2012?! Come on, you know you want to…

  2. Norman said on :

    The best traditional Irish music band in the world! Greetings from Costa Rica, we hope to see you soon!


  3. Zdenek said on :

    Please come to the Czech repulic

  4. Daine said on :

    Please come to San Francisco, California soon

  5. Tina said on :

    Thank God! Smooene with brains speaks!

  6. Lisa said on :

    Gutted you’ve cancelled York next week. Any idea if/when you’ll reschedule?

  7. kuec said on :

    Hi Lunasa, I had the opportunity to review your last album. It’s been a pleasure. http://www.celtic-rock.de/archives/10740 (in German). Looking forward to seeing you in Lüdenscheid on May 18th!

  8. Michael said on :

    Better bring your A game tmrw night fellows!!!

    My girlfriend has been raving about this concert for months now, better not disappoint!

  9. James said on :

    Fantastic show at Fenian’s this evening. Truly hope to see you lads again soon.

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