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  1. Manu said on :

    Yesterday night in Milan it was… wet! Thanks for your music, it was not the best condition to play but you’re GREAT!! Come back soon!

  2. Henri said on :

    Downloaded Lá Nua. Jesus! I’ve been with you since the first album. You can’t say it’s gettin’ better and better because it has been supreme from the beginning. The music is what my ears are shaped for and my musical soul is longing for. I will make sure I’ll be there when you visit Holland next april.

  3. Sister Monika said on :

    How did “The Raven’s Rock” get its name? I meant to ask Cillian when I saw him in Seattle – I was too excited to ask. It was a wonderful, thrilling performance. You have many fans in the Pacific Northwest!

  4. martin said on :

    hi,i’m from argentina and i love your music,please come here at least once!

  5. Bette Simms said on :

    Your music moves my soul and I hope that says it all ~ ;o) I also hope you will be back around the Boston area to play in 2011, I want to hear you play live! God bless!

  6. Dinkin Family said on :

    Great show Friday night at the Richmond Folk Festival!!!!!!

  7. Debbie B said on :

    The concert at the Capilano Theatre was FANTASTIC tonight. Thanks for the great music guys. You are all amazing musicians. And a special thanks to you Kevin for playing my flute and whistle after the concert. And thanks for showing me that ‘accordion roll’. What a memory! What a great night!

  8. Figgy said on :

    Play on boys….

  9. Garrett said on :

    You guys are playing tomorrow night at UNR, and I can’t wait for the show.

  10. ELIZABETH Miranda said on :

    LOVED the Santa Cruz CA show last night. Thanks for the great energy and wonderful music!

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