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  1. Elizabeth said on :

    Thanks for a great show at Monmouth University in NJ! It is always such a pleasure to see you play!

  2. Mike said on :

    Hi guys, Welcome from Adelaide, South Australia. I really enjoyed your performances at Womadelaide when you were here. I have all your CDs, and have just placed an order for La Nua and The Leitrim Equation (only just found out about that one, looks very interesting). I just love this sort of music. (My Irish/Celtic CD collection is growing out of control!) Keep up the good work!


  3. Stuart said on :

    Heard you on NPR and just had to have your album. I’ll be first in line in Alexandria, VA to see ya!

  4. Margret said on :

    Surprised by the new site I really like it. Waiting for the new album:-) and still hoping for a gig in Germany:-(

    Is there any chance?


  5. John said on :

    Great show last night! Thanks. We’ll be awaiting the Fenian’s live in concert performance next year ;). Ciara’s Dance is by far my favourite off the new album . . . Cillian this is a beautiful piece, it sounds just like the spirit of a little girl, and you can hear the father’s love with which it was written.

  6. Beate said on :

    Congratulations on the release of your new album, “Lá Nua.” Wow, what I heard so far sounds incredible and as I expect from Lúnasa, is extraordinary. At the same time I feel betrayed by you, because you are not coming to the Northwest USA on your upcoming tour. I am one of many heartbroken fans in this part of the country who had looked forward to seeing you perform live, Beate

  7. Bracha Ben-Avraham said on :

    I just received your new CD and am, as usual, thrilled with your music. In Hebrew “Lanua” means “to move.” Very appropriate for a very exciting CD! Cheers!

  8. Lúnasa band said on :

    In reply….

    Thanks for you kind comments guys.

    No immediate plans to go to Oz, it is going to be a busy year with the release of the new album but we would love to get back there soon.

    Susy – there are still some dates to ‘go live’ for Ireland in the summer so keep checking back and hopefully you will catch up with us when you are here.

    Jason – buy your own CD!

  9. Roi said on :

    Very nice web!! Congratulations.

  10. Dick MacRae said on :

    along with Altan the best groups I have listened to

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