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  1. susy said on :

    My second trip to Ireland coming up in June/July and once again, NO GIGS!!! I keep hoping you’ll come back to Queensland….any chance of that? How about just a little gig over there this summer….?

  2. Ben Murrie said on :

    I am in love with your music! Can’t wait for the next album. When are you coming to Australia?

  3. Jason said on :

    A friend introduced me to your music, i melted! Now i pinched his CD and it wakes me up for for work, a great bit of music to set the day!

  4. Susanne said on :

    Thsnk you for the great concert in Kildare. Tracy, I love the new website ;-))!

  5. Gerard McCarthy said on :

    Is the contact email address listed on the website current?

  6. Lucas said on :

    Brazil is awaiting for you!
    I really hope you come someday. Thanks for your music.

  7. Mark Bourke said on :

    Lunasa are a magical group who bring so much sheer pleasure into the lives of us mere mortals who would love to have the musical talent to play along with you ! Would love to see you over here in Liverpool sometime preferably Grand National Week when even the Guinness turns green ! Good Luck to you lads !

  8. Mick King said on :

    Hi all,
    Lunasa will play the palace bar, Athlone on sunday 8th of November.

  9. Maria Antonietta said on :

    A wonderful concert in Ozieri, a nice surprise!

  10. Roberto said on :

    Great concert in Ozieri

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