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  1. Stéphane said on :

    Hi Lùnasa,
    It was a great pleasure to meet you in Sion, Switzerland at the Guinness Irish Festival last friday. I had a lot of pleasure and will follow you in your next dates in Switzerland…
    Welcome back in Chocolate and Cheese land !!

  2. Paul Mason said on :

    Great gig in the Button Factory last night….you guys were in great form…thank you Lunasa…Paul

  3. Steve Yaworsky said on :

    I first saw you perform in Olympia, Washington in '05. I fell in love with your music on the spot, and bought my first CD (The Kinnety Sessions) that night.

    Thanks so much for the enjoyment your music brings. I hope to see you back up here in the near future.

    Take care all,

  4. Leo van der Weyden said on :

    Yesterday night my son and I were at your concert in the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.
    And we loved it. My son, Kevin, is a big fan of your group and for his 16th birthday (march 5th) we gave him the set of 6 cd's and the two books with sheet music. I try to play the tinwhistle and the flute. And in your book Notai there is the tune "Absent friends" which I like very much and I like to play it. And I hoped you would play this tune. And I was very pleased when you announced the tune and even more when it was played.
    I hope you to see and hear you again in Holland.

    With regards, Leo van der Weyden, Almere, The Netherlands

  5. Doug said on :

    I attended your concert at Central Michigan University, and have to say your craft is very well tuned. You gave the audience a very enjoyable (and long!) show. I purchased your CD The Story So Far and focus on one of your instruments each time I play it…I hope you will be back to Michigan!

  6. Sister Monika said on :

    I am still "reeling" from the performance I attended at The Triple Door in Seattle. Thank you for your stunning rhythms, your energetic pace, your lively and interesting interpretations and your generous spirit. God bless you in your journeys with safety and swiftness. I hope you come back to the Pacific Northwest of the USA soon. You could stay at our monastery! Peace. Sister Monika

  7. Helena Dunphy said on :

    Well done lads on a great gig in Vancouver tonight, managed to warm us all up nicely! I saw ye in Australia many moons ago! great to be able to keep the faith at this side of the planet, tog go bog e, slan le gra, Helena (as Tra Mhor)

  8. Beate said on :

    My name is Beate, I am a redhead from Germany, I needed to come to the US in order to listen to your music. The sisters of the monastery I am staying right now introduced me to your music, wow. Last night (March 12, 2009) we saw you playing at triple door, … what can I say it was awesome! By the way, I cannot turn off the Lúnasa station in my ear and I still hear you playing. Do I have a new little devil (Sean) in my ear or even more than one? You guys are great. Thanks for your beautiful music. Take care, Beate

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  10. Sean Smtyh said on :

    I love your music. Keep up the great work.

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