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  1. Colm Pattwell said on :

    Hey guys,
    Was at your concert in Galway a few hours ago. Just wanna say that it was incredible… I've been listening to ye for 10 years but this was my first time getting to see ye live.
    Cillian, your air was perfect… I was completely sucked in!

    Also, I can't remember your front-of-house soundman's name but he is amazing… the sound was crystal clear and perfectly balanced. Congratulations, the Radission can be a notoriously bad venue for sound!

    Anyway, thanks again… I'm planning how to get to Portlaoise for the 31st for another listen!


  2. Tine and Wolfgang said on :

    It´s been a pleasure to meet you in Quimper. We enjoyed the "serious" concert and hope to see you soon.

  3. Màrtin said on :

    I love your sound!!

  4. Kristina Thomsson said on :

    Is there any music shop in Sweden selling your CD:s?

  5. Margret said on :

    Hey Kevin and Cillian,
    thanks for a great weekend at the Proitzer Mühle. I enjoyed the fluteclass with great new tunes and fun with Kevin, thanks a lot. Hope to see you in November in Germany as promised:-)

  6. Ed said on :

    Hey Kevin and Cillian,

    Great time in Proitze, thanks for the tutoring and the tunes. Plenty to keep me going there!

    Listening to Callan Bridge / D Flute Album here at work – well, not really like work at all :=)

    Keep making the music!


  7. Aine said on :

    Hey lads,
    wat the story??
    Hope ye'r all well.
    Hav'nt seen ye in ages….too long.
    Have to get to a gig real soon.
    Love Áine..
    Still no1 fan!!! xxx

  8. phypie said on :

    hey theres ^^

    will you come to germany one time? munich would be great ^^

    cool site btw ^^

  9. Tim Adams said on :

    Cillian agus Kev—-great show in Portland, ME last night at Blue–really awesome. What a thrill to have you guys stay and play with us in the seisiun as well.
    Cillian, if you want to come up in the summer and have some lobster and beer–drop me an email–we have plenty of room with the children gone.
    Can't wait for the band to be back in Maine.
    An t-adh,

  10. Tineke said on :

    I love your music a lot!
    When do you come to Belgium?

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