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  1. Annik said on :

    Hey guys! I love your music! I see that you are going in the States… Are you planning on having a Canadian tour also? That would be great eh! :P Take Care!

  2. jack sweeney said on :

    Cannot wait to see you guys at theCladdagh Pub next week in Lawrence Mass. Sean, Collie and I will have a nice pint waiting you.

  3. miki said on :


  4. Jessica said on :

    Hi Sean Smyth!

    Just have found your bands homepage and pictures. And figured out: indeed you are the real one…! (happy)
    Hopefully you remember the evening in the O'Connell's Pub in Galway last week. I was the little german girl, just listened to you talking about music and your feeling about art…
    Travelled back to Germany, feeling happy and smoothy.

    Have a good (x-mas and whatever) time,


    PS: Your remember the picture, me with a nepali hut???

  5. Lynne Race said on :

    Had a fantastic night in Durham, first heard your music at a camp site in Scotland 2 year ago and have loved it ever since, so much better live. Come back to Durham soon

  6. Margaret said on :

    Thanks, lads, for the great show at the Waterside Arts Centre, Sale last Tuesday night. It was amazing!

  7. Les Taylor said on :

    Hi – great start to the UK tour tonight in Hereford – the boys were all in good form. It was interesting to hear some sets which are not featured on existing albums. I see Kev has added a new tune to the website which is a hornpipe for a change. How come hornpipes don't appear in the live set? Is this about to change? I am sure some of the people at the football match across the road wished they had come to the concert instead.

  8. Marian said on :

    Thanks soooo much for coming to Birmingham on the 14th, such a shame you only had a short time slot. Lets hope you come back for a proper gig in your own right. You were utterly brilliant (as always!) and the finale with Drowsy Maggie et al, especially with the Irish dancers on stage as well, was really enjoyable. Kevin's Brummie accent is unbelievable!

  9. maureen a north said on :

    im sorry i didnt go to see you play in cleveland, oh recently at p j mcintyres. i really like your music. do you come to ohio at all for the irish festivals? when will you be back in ohio

  10. michael senatore said on :

    Just saw you for the first time at Bodles and it was great fun, loads of laughs, wonderful music and oh the pints. Kevin, you're right the name Bodles looks like it should sound differently then it does.
    Looking forward to catching you when you're back in this neck of the world again. Cheers.

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