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  1. Larry Zimmerman said on :

    I love your show at the Cincinnati Celtic Festival on Sunday, 16,Sept. "07. I plan to play your music on WOBO, 88.7 fm, whenever possible. My show,(Celtic Musical Sunset) is on Sunday evening from 6:00 to 9:00. I will Keep my eyes opened, looking for your bands return to Cincinnati. Thank you for a Very entertaining preformance. LZ

  2. Sarah Hutcheson said on :

    I saw you all play yesterday at the Chicago Celtic Festival.
    You were simply wonderful.

  3. paola said on :

    ieri sera a sorpresa al Machbet di Firenze si e' tenuta la performance artistico musicale di Alessandro Maugeri che ha regalato ad un pubblico impreparato ma attento e coinvolto un'ora piena di musica elettroacustica con un repertorio di cover e brani dello stesso presi dal piu' raffinato periodo bowieno.Omaggio a David bowie e' stato infatti lo spettacolo.Alessandro Maugeri,voce e chitarra e stato coadiuvato da Sung Hi affascinante violoncellista Coreana,che ha apportato ai brani,riarrangiati da Maugeri per l'occasione un tocco tanto sinfonico quanto decadente.Struggente la versione di "My death" di Jaques Brel a suo tempo cover di Bowie,ma anche "Port of Amsterdam".Io sono rimasta particolarmente emozionata da "Letter to Hermione",abbastanza fedele all'originale,ma anche "Andy Warhol" e "All the madmen".Seguiamo quest'artista eclettico che non manchera' alla prossima di meravigliarci ancora.

  4. Margret said on :

    Back from Ireland and back to earth and work I want to say thank you for that great night and the craic in Bray on 09.08.2007.
    Hope you find your way to Germany, cu

  5. ainemcgeeney said on :

    Hey lads ….hows it going???
    Havnt bin at a lunasa gig now in absulutely ages…its a disgrace!!!..lol….need to see more irish gigs coming up!!!
    Hope to see yous soon…
    The biggest lunasa fan…STILL,
    Aine xxxx

  6. char said on :

    thankyou for the amazing wonderous music you create. I am learning to play a little homemade whistle. My son studies music, he is a pianist of 8 years and loves your songs.

  7. Barbara Rowland said on :

    I was at your wonderful "St. Patrick's Day EVE" show in Anchorage (I was the one towards the back dancing in my seat!). Awesome concert!

    I bought your 3 latests CD's during the intermisison. Too bad I didn't overcome my case of the cheaps then and get them all, because now I'm so hooked and have to buy the other 3 online!

    I'm especially enamored by Cillian Vallely's beautiful pipes solos (at the concert and recorded). WOW! It fills my heart and I can't get enough!

    I certainly hope I can see you here again!

  8. Caroline said on :


    saw you play on Wed at Lakeside Arts Centre, what an amazing evening. Kevin you're mad, you had us cracking up with your stories. Can't wait to see you play in Birmingham in October and hope to catch you at summer festivals. I first heard your music about 5 or so years ago and have seen you play loads of times. My friends and I never get bored seeing you play. You're exceptionally talented musicians and i only wish that my musical skills went beyond playing 3 blind mice on a piano with one finger.

    see you soon stay happy and healthy xx

  9. Gez Musano said on :

    Nottingham University 16 May 07.
    First time that we've seen you guys live….. and you were superb!!! Thanks for a great evening of trad music. Please come back! We can't wait!
    Wanted to buy another CD on the night to show our appreciation, but we already had the two that were on sale!
    See you again. Cheers!
    The Musanos

  10. Matt said on :

    Happy Anniversary from a fan ! Keep on it !

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