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  1. April said on :

    I just love your band and your website. I am in a high school band right now and one thing are leaders have tought us is how to pick out a great band. I beleave that your band is one!!

  2. Gerry said on :

    G'day from OZ! I've been listening to and playing Irish and other celtic music since I first heard a Planxty album when I was at Uni in the early eighties. You guys are the best! I see that you are going to be touring 'down under' in May this year. Can't wait for the dates / venues. Although I live out in the bush, I will definitely be coming to see you play live. For me it will be the 'must go' concert of the decade. Love your site. Keep up the good work! PS: If you want to plan a break during the tour, your always welcome in East Gippsland Vic.!! Cheers! Gerry

  3. Spanishboy said on :

    The best band ever!!! I first knew about you in a radio show, and I bought the four cd's. I'm waiting for the fifth! If you play in the south of the country, I'll be there. I have been told about your live concerts, and I want to see one by myself. If you come to the south of Spain, I'll be there!! Go on with the good work!!! Saludos de vuestro seguidor numero uno en España

  4. laura said on :

    click on the radio link and you can listen to lots of stuff (like Lafferty's-etc!!). have fun and if you're going to buy just one may i suggest Otherworld!! :D

  5. Iro said on :

    it would be really nice if one could listen to som eof your music on the site .maby conected to your store…….to be inspired……to buy…..

  6. kira said on :

    just thought i must let you know- redwood is my (nearly) 3yr old son's favourite! he asks for 'mummy's red music' (and won't have anything else) and dances 'round like a mad 'un.
    thanks again from both of us.

  7. fiddler from Georgia said on :

    I see on your website that you'll be touring the US in the fall of 2004……..PLEASE look into performing in the deep south…Georgia to be specific. I've seen you perform in NC and I have friends who've seen you in FLA. but I'm not aware if you've ever performed in Georgia. You'd love our southern hospitality!!

  8. tammy rare said on :

    I see that the Fall of 2004 is TBA. Please make some time and consider the southwest USA…(Santa Fe to be sure). I saw you a year ago at the Rhosin Dubh in Galway and loved it! I would like some of my friends here to have the opportunity to see Lunasa live and enjoy it as much as I did. Also, we have extenisve contacts here if you need assistance with anything while here. Take care! See you soon!

  9. kira said on :

    just seen ye all last night in hereford- thank you so much for a fantastic gig. your music live is as inspired and moving as it could hope to be- shame you can't come 'round and play so i could hear you all the time. i know, i have the cds, but it's not the same. anyway i can't see what your hands are doing when the music's on the stereo!
    and thank you for playing a slightly extended version of rockfield reel. it's one of my favourites and i always thought the album version was too short. actually, all of your tunes are. but that's ok.
    i also must commend kevin on his humourous interludes- most amusing.
    so take care lads and heaps of thanks again. i look forward to the new album!

  10. Janette & Brian Kidd said on :

    Still reeling from the fantastic gig last night at Celtic Connections in Glasgow. Our first taste of you live – although we've been raving about you to all our friends since we were introduced to your music last year. We now have all the albums and can't wait for the new one to come out. You also come across as a lovely bunch of guys – although Brian (a psychiatrist) is a wee bit concerned at how sad Cillian looked! Love to you all and keep the gorgeous music coming.

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