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  1. Oriana said on :

    my personal thumbs up on this glorious site but more importantly on your glorious music. i was lucky enough to be whisked off to a concert of yours last year before ever having heard a note. why? you might ask. because the experience of being lifted by that kind of heart and sound without warning or expectation has changed me since that day. also, i just love you kids as lovely human beings! so giddy and real. (i'm not picking favorites now, but since i can't restrain myself i'll just say something for each of you: trevor you make me want to jump on the stage and into your arms, kevin you have the humor and warmth of everyone's closest friends, donough not only is your playing the best irish guitar i've heard in my life but if your hair falls in front of your eyes one more time i may simply have to brush it back for you, sean you are the sweetest fiddler and so bursting with life, and cillian you are a true rennaisance man and carry yourself with so much integrity) now that the gushing is done, i simply want to say thank you. and hope that you return to santa cruz soon.

  2. pauline scanlon said on :

    great new site lads….best of luck in 2004 ye hoors….px

  3. Shazzam! said on :

    Just gotta say

    You guys are the best – you inspired me to learn to play the tin whistle and the bodhran.

    As we say in London your music is wicked and you guys are the lick!

    Slan go foill

    No1 Lunasa fan

  4. Sian from Celtish said on :

    Look forward to seeing you at the Coal Exchange in Cardiff. Was good to meet up with you guys in Holland.

  5. Laura (again) said on :

    I got the M S of F!! and Redwood!!! Yay!!! I'm trying to spread Lunasa fever to all my friends, and so far I've got a few who are really getting into it. Happy new year everyone!!! Lunasa rocks my American kneesocks!! (alas i am Irish but not directly) And Donogh Hennessy is gorgeous!!!!!!

  6. Laura Foley said on :

    Great site!! Just wanted to say that i get in trouble with the family because I blast your music ;). Track 10 on "Otherworld" is the best! Okay well i hope you all had a merry Christmas! Sláinte! :D

  7. Jan Kloczko said on :

    Lately, I came across a discussion about Lunasa, name obscure to me at that time. Checked it out and listened to some of your tracks. The life has never been the same since then…
    My regards to Donogh Hennessy, who seems to be my new inspiration in Irish Trad guitar. I admire his innovativeness. Keep up the divine work.

  8. Samuel Marr said on :

    Nollaig mhaith daoibh agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise! Tá súil agam a feiceáil i mBéal Feirste an bhliain seo chuigainn. (Ó, tá Redwood go iontach!) Ádh mhór oraibh san Ath-Bhliain! :o)

  9. Heidi said on :

    Love the new website! I hope you are able to enjoy the holidays with your families. I'll see you the next time you are in Maryland, DC or Virginia!

  10. Damien Cole said on :

    I love the new website guys. Nice, clean, precise. I'm hoping that Sean doesn't stop doing his journal entries, though. Those were fun. One thing I've always enjoyed is you guys are down to earth and aren't afraid to be at the level of the people. Kevin's proof of that. I still got my bodhran!

    Come back to California, soon!

    Damien….Sean here (at sea level I hope) and thank you for the lovely comments. I want you to have no fears on two counts. First I have just learned how to use this new site and hopefully you like what you see on the news page and second of all we should be passing up the west coast about next September time so stay posted to the "Tour Info" page or join our mailing list and you will miss nothing whatsoever!!!!!!

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