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  1. Haley said on :

    hey ye good old irsh frinds remember me from the concert in alpena, michigan just wanted to say hi :) i like your website thank u for the pictures they turned out great too!!
    well i gots to go buh bye =)

  2. UTpride said on :

    Lunasa, my girlfriend and I went on a road trip to Asheville, NC from University of Tennessee-Knoxville and while we were there we went to this store called My Native Ireland. My girlfriend loved it because of her Irish heritage, but I wasn't impressed. That was until I heard their CD player kick on with this amazing music. I was hooked with your Kinnity Session instantly. It is all that I have ever wanted from a celtic band. Can't wait to see you next March in GA and NC. Thanks for your music.

  3. Brandon Miller said on :

    Hey Lunasa, we need you to make a trip to midwest of the USA like say northwest Ohio or southest Michigan! You guys are one of best irish bands I've heard since the Chieftians!

  4. Louise said on :

    Hey guys, Was very disappointed the Galway gig was cancelled. Any chance of ye re-scheduling in the near future??PLease………………………ye are brilliant

  5. norma Lennon said on :

    i looooooooooooove him, come back donogh

  6. Norma Lennon said on :

    I would just like to say that Donogh Hennessy was the pin-up! he's sorely missed, what a ride!

  7. Brian said on :

    Athlone gig was great lads, was late for my own gig down the road that night after i left but was on such a high after seeing ye play. in the door we went ta seans bar 3…4… straight into it. thanks for a great night. these folks are right, dean crowe was a dive, people are still set that way about going there, but they're coming round. do me a favour, shlot us in somewhere again lads. respect and honour.

  8. Paula Mc said on :

    Great night at Athlone on Friday and well worth the trip down from Belfast. Brilliant playing and as previously mentioned ,Kevins stories were hilarious!!

  9. Eoghan Mag said on :

    Ye lads put on a good show in Athlone Friday night. The stories were great too. Please visit again. Don't be put off by the small crowd. The Dean Crowe Theatre is slowly trying to build a good reputation after being a dive for years. Word will filter out about how good ye are.

  10. Maria Vinter said on :

    Hello! I´m from Denmark and 12 years old… no, day at my fathers house without your music…. i listen to it every week…. i love irish music… especially lunasa.. in the start a thought the name was linaja…. i couldn´t read it… when i looked after your website at that time, i couldn´t find it…. never mind… i´ve found you…!!! for my happyness…. From Maria! (I´m sorry if i makes something wrong in my "esay" to you… it´s only my 3. year with english… but i´m the best in my class… my teacher tells my stuff…)

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