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  1. Sonny Blom, sweden said on :

    Thanx for all the inspiration you´ve given me.
    I play irish music myself at the university of music in Malmoe, sweden. Also played lot of your tunes, i like what youve done with them.
    Hope to listen to u live again soon…
    Maybe we´ll meet and play some time? Its a small world! Thanx again!

  2. susky said on :

    hello! one question: when will you come in Croatia? i'm big fan of trad music and i hope you'll come in Zagreb and give us some of that magic! greatings!

  3. Annik said on :

    I was listening to online radio and u guys came up.. that's some awesome music! Let's hope that u'll come in Canada Ontario sum time ^_^ Have fun guys!

  4. O'Bryan Jennings said on :

    I got the privilege to see you in St. Louis and it was truly an awe inspiring event. I drove 3 hours from Indiana and I would have driven much further. I hope I can see you perform again! I am from an area that is 85% German so beign Irish I am not exactly living in the hotbed of Irish culture. However Iwill look forward to your next US tour!

  5. kathryn O'Hare said on :

    i play the fiddle myself & i think ur music is fantasic !!!!!!! i am 11 preparing for the london fleadh i hope i get to see you one day all the best

  6. Julie and Tom said on :

    Thank you for an incredible evening of food, moving music and camaraderie. You are excellent entertainers and great fellas. Thank you to Kevin for the CD, we played it all day Sunday and had flashbacks of our experience!!

  7. Steve Brown said on :

    Great show in Keene, NH March 11th. Come back soon!

  8. Robert Morris Jr said on :

    Comments: My wife and I just got back home from the concert. WOW, you guys are great! I really want you all to know how much your band sharing the Irish music with us here in America means to us. Last year we went to see you all in the town of Cheboygan here in northen Michigan and that was our first taste of your band. After that night we listened to the Kinnedy Sessions night after night. Enough to know just how they played. WE enjoyed it so much that we played it for our wedding in September of 2004 and the song "Ballyogan" was our wedding march. Whenever you guys come back to Michigan we will come to see you. Come back soon…… Ps. Love the one you did tonight with the heavy base distortion Trevor. Nice job!

  9. Jada Daniel said on :

    I was at the St. Louis show last night and it was so amazing! It was the first show I have seen and it won't be the last. I have owned the cd's for a while, but had never had an opprtunity to see them. We drove 3 hours form Indiana to see them and it was worth it! Thanks for putting on such a great show!

  10. Kerrie said on :

    I was just wondering who is the guitar player playing at the Armagh gig on the 20th of April in the theatre could you please email me and let me know thanks


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