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  1. Michelle said on :

    3/12/05 Somerville Theater
    Thank you so much for putting on another fabulous show at the Somerville Theater. I've had the privilege of seeing you there several times and have never been disappointed. Your talent and the energy you bring to each show is amazing. I look forward to seeing you each year and only wish it could be more often. Thank you and keep playing that wonderful music. Cillian – the new pipes sound great – hope your wife doesn't stay mad forever. Kevin – next time you're in Bloomingdales, watch for stray bullets. Sean – did the sexy new outfit work? Trevor & Donogh – smile once in awhile, you're too cute not to.

  2. Kris Bucher said on :

    Thank you all so much for the excellent start of the St Pat's season. Thanks for bringing your magic back to Pennsylvania, the show at the Whitaker center was amazing….

  3. Jeff Powell said on :

    Keene NH, March 11th 2005 show – one of the best shows of any sort we've seen in awhile, and possibly the best Irish music we've seen sober… we're huge fans now and can't wait to see you again. Will be buying all your CDs over the next few weeks (have to meter this kind of thing out now, don't we?).

  4. Ariana said on :

    i imagine you guys hear this all the time, but i wanted to express thanks somehow for sounding so good last night (march 12) at the somerville theater. i was really moved by the music, and the fluidity with which you played. i'm only 16, but i've seen dozens of live bands and musicians. usually i don't get won over very easily, but i was in love with your music by the second or third song. keep being awesome!

  5. Steven And Squeak Stone said on :

    GREAT SHOW!!,March 11th in Keene NH.

  6. Mary and Michael Meyer said on :

    Was at the show last night at the Colonial and really thought you were all wonderful! Have enjoyed Irish music in the past and fiddling as well but you were all outstanding! Was totally impressed with the sound of everything. Thank you for a wonderful experience!

  7. Mary Mullen said on :

    -phenominal power and spirit in your Irish music!

  8. Mary Mullen said on :

    Phenomina performance!!

  9. Mike Harris said on :

    Great show last night at the Colonial in Keene,NH. My daughter is an irish dancer and she was itchin' to get up in the isles and dance. Great music and great entertainment,too. Hope you make a return engagement.

  10. Bob Leahy said on :

    Fantastic concert at the Colonial last night hope there are return engagements.
    Grandfather from Cty Waterford, Barrananstook, Old Parish music is the balm for the soul and yours was the tonic.
    Thanks again for a magical evening!

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