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  1. Hugo said on :

    Hi, I enjoyed the excellent job of Lúnasa last summer in the "Festival Intercéltico de Avilés" (Spain). Thank you for a superb night whith these excellent musicians on the scene. See you

  2. ChristianRo said on :

    Thank you for an exceptionally entertaining gig in Leonberg. Great musicians, great tunes and Donogh's guitar strings giving up the ghost during the encore… A pity there wasn't a bigger audience for you. Shame on Swabia! Kevin, your story about the sauna experience gave me a good laugh. Hope to see you guys again soon. Did Mr Pandula book you for the next Irish Folk Festival tour?

  3. Ada Marquart said on :

    We were at your show in Hoofddorp, last monday. It was great. I hope to visit one of your concerts when you will be back in Holland (soon I think)



  4. Louis Scuderi said on :

    I was so happy when I found out that you were coming to Albuquerque! So few celtic bands actually get out here, and it's even rarer for my favorite!! I have only two things to say: Thanks! and come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (My own band really loved it, and I'm sure they share my sentiments)

  5. Zorny Bode said on :

    Dear Lunasas, your concert in Hamburg yesterday was fantastic. It was a whole new kind of experience to me and made me happy as well as breathless. Thank you! :-)

  6. Jos Barnhoorn said on :

    Congratulations! You all did a wonderful concert in IJmuiden last sunday evening!We hope to meet you soon in the Netherlands or in Ireland!

    Jos and Angela.

  7. Geertje said on :

    Hi, monday the 15th was the first time ever I heard you play. I picked the concert because I like Irish music. Listening to your wonderful performance made me want to go to Ireland and never come back. Thanks for a magic evening. Compliments too for the website

  8. Laura said on :

    Heey Lúnasa! I also really enjoyed your performance in IJmuiden last Sunday! Thanks for the autographes!!!

  9. Coen van Pruissen said on :

    Hi there, I wanted to comment you on a great performance the 15th of Nov. in Amsterdam. Great gig, thanks for a wonderfull evening, and do come back.

  10. Mirjam said on :

    Thanks for a really, really great performance this afternoon in IJmuiden. I had a smashing time, don't think I was the only one.

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