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  1. Eric said on :

    Caught your free show at Cactus Cafe at UT here in Austin this afternoon — I'd heard you on cd and on the radio before but seeing you guys in person was way too sweet, it was a really great gig. Looks like I'll be getting your complete catalogue soon!

  2. Bunny said on :

    I was in attendence at the concert in Clovis, NM. It was awesome. Thanks a million for coming out and performing for us. It is a rare treat for this small town to get such a great talent to visit. Thank you, on behalf of both Clovis Community College and the community of Clovis.

  3. celtic sister said on :

    Attended your concert in Farmington,New Mexico last night October 14th, 2004. It was Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers!!!!

  4. Ciaran Algar said on :

    Hi Lunasa,
    Saw you at the Vic theatre a few weeks ago. You are ace at playing!

  5. fanch said on :

    hello lunasa i love your music, i m french that s why my english is very bad .I live in the east of brittany around "RENNES".when can i see you in Rennes?!!! i like your some" reprises" of brittany's folk. i would like play in a same group of music i play bass and contrebassine.i dream when i listeningyour music,i see my country like a dream.it s very bad english it s ununderstand.ok i stop! vive lunasa!!! kenavo e brezhoneg!!

  6. Hila and Kurt said on :

    we just came back from a wonderful night with you in Freight and Salvage (Berkeley, CA). Thank you for making us drunk although no drop of alcohol was available – just lots of charming music. Saw you in Jerusalem, saw you in Berkeley, bought your CDs, can't wait for your next one. We love you! Don't ever stop!

  7. Brendan Mallon said on :

    The Kinnitty Sessions is a superb CD, essential listning, great job!!

  8. Mike Biggin said on :

    Hi guys, I've just discovered this website. I really like what you are doing with Irish traditional music – adding your own touch while remaining true to the tradition – this is the way to keep music alive. Have just bought the Kinnity Sessions, and I think its your best recording so far – but they are all good. I really hope you consider releasing a DVD soon – would love to see you in concert. Any plans to tour Australia? Or did I miss that?

  9. Matt McNeely said on :

    Hey Cillian!

    Enjoyed the Florida Tionol. You've really been a huge inspiration to me. I was the lefty piper. I took your '99 Swannanoa class as well. I've been trying to nab a Froment chanter, but he's proven difficult to get a hold of. Keep on going!

  10. Anna said on :

    Hey Lunasa!!!!!! I`m so excited that you are coming back to Farmington NM. I have been waiting for your next concert here. The musical beat and rythem of your tunes is amazing and the instrumental are wonderful. Your music feeds the Irish soul inside us all. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

    Yours, Anna

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