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  1. Ink said on :

    Best Celtic band in the world…something to be experienced not described as worlds are useless colors with which to paint the musics portait.

    Peace, Ink.

    C-Ya in Tarpon Springs come March.

  2. Mark & Jane said on :

    Had a great night at Market Raisen last Tuesday.
    We were most taken with the brilliance of the performance, fantastic!!. We both lookforward to seeing you again.

    Dont forget to put a shilling in the meter next time…… ;-)

  3. Veronica & Rob Forster said on :

    What a brilliant night at the Alnwick Playhouse on Wed 15th Sept. 2004 – it was magnificent. For a band that has had their equipment stolen recently…..well…….can't believe it could have been any better with your original gear – well done lads!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you again some time – we are sure you will be back.

    Many thanks.

  4. martin gilroy said on :

    Saw you in Saltaire last night. Fantastic. Get yerselves to Leeds. I see our Phil is on your message board. He "introduced" his four brothers to Lunasa after seeing you in "OZ". You did not disappoint. God Bless, keep going. PS. Sean Smyth=Paul Scholes. Fiddler extraordinary!!

  5. Les and Barry Drake said on :

    Had a great time at the Quay Arts ,I.W. UK on 25th August. Come back soon please

  6. Piera said on :

    Your performance in Benevento(27/07)made me discover a new,exciting kind of music..NEVER HEARD SOMETHING LIKE THAT..I WAS BREATHLESS!!
    Looking forward to seeing you back in Benevento..

  7. Danica Conway said on :

    We saw you in Loveland, CO a couple of years ago, and you were really excellent. Kevin Crawford's flute and whistle playing are really something to listen to! I hope you come back again. It's nice to see you have a website with a guestbook so I can give you the compliment myself!

  8. Karen said on :

    I enjoy reading your newsletter. I was sorry to hear of the theft incident in NZ, that's awful. Your positive outlook on the situation and your gratefulness to those who helped you is witness to the character of you all as individuals and as a group. I pray your cash and possessions are returned to you.
    I've only two of your CD's but each time I listen to your music I feel lifted up and motivated.
    All the best to you as you continue your tour.
    Peace, Karen :-)

  9. Don Short said on :

    Freakin' awesome! Thank you Lunasa and thank you Fiona Ritchie and the Thistle and Shamrock for my recent intro to this marvellous group. Nova Scotia born and Newfoundland raised, I starve for this here in the midwest- the music in my kitchen as I grew. My 'blues' music it seems, as it makes me dance, makes me whoop and makes me weep all at once. This guestbook entry comes as I just begin to explore your site and more of your music. If you seek to pull emotion from your audience, then you have more than succeeded with this one. May we be blessed sometime with your presence here in West Michigan…Conklin pub or Wheatland Festival come to mind. Anyway God bless, thank you once again and may you be touched as you have touched.


  10. Fernando said on :

    ¿Cuando van a volver a Tenerife? La actuación del 31 de octubre de 2002 en La Laguna fue probablemente la mejor que he visto nunca. ¡Viva Lúnasa!

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