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  1. susan h said on :

    LOVE you guys, you're my favorite Irish music group without question– Kevin Crawford has been such an inspiration to my [attempts at] fluteplaying, when I get sick of session bickering, listening to Kevin play always inspires me to get back into it…

  2. Pete said on :

    Thanks for the best band in the world and the great website! Now, will you please make a DVD before Christmas so I can but it for my girlfriend ?!!

  3. Mirella said on :

    how r ye lads, just browsing here and well done and about time ye did the site up!! It's great!! See ye over the Christmas hopefully for wan or two..

  4. Richard said on :

    Great website !! and alot faster..
    Saw Lunasa in Leeuwarden (Netherlands) last week. Excellent Show & good fun . Thumbs up for the Redwood album.


  5. marc said on :

    Wow, lads! What a great website! This the way you want it, great survey, class layout and full of information! Good job! It was great meeting you guys backstage in the cave in Balve/GER in August. Hope to see you back here in Germany really soon! And thanx for the fantastic Redwood album!

  6. Bo Tuflåt said on :

    Wow!! Impressing new site!!!
    I think it's great that you have time making this very useful website for true fans like me and many others!
    You have my best regards and I would like to thank you for all the great music!

    P.S Have you thought about coming to Norway sometime in the future?

  7. lieve boussauw said on :

    Hey Lu's
    Super new website… fantastic band… magical gig at Lommel (Belgium, November 15th)… great setlist…loved to take your pictures…
    I just melt when you played your lovely slow walls, Donogh…
    finally I'm a proud owner of all the Lunasa albums (exept the first one)…
    maybe we'll meet again at Celtic Connections (if I can make it) or Dranouter next summer (???fingers crossed)…
    and now looking forward to the new album…

    slán go foill
    Take care

    I'll mail the photos to the administrator as an attachement, if you don't receive them let me know please

  8. Leon Baanders said on :

    I loved your concert in Zwolle this year. It was very nice meeting you afterwards. See you next year in Holland(I hope).
    By the way, the new site is great!

  9. lleyniac said on :

    Wow, I loved your show last fridaynight in Leeuwarden. I play the recorder and I was wondering where I could find some of your sheet music, especcially for Innion Ni Scannlam. I love that tune, whoever wrote it, is a geniuce.
    Thank you for a lovelly evening. By the way, the site is great.

  10. Max Becher said on :

    Great new site! I love the radio feature! I am just dying to see you in concert!

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