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  1. Victoria Miller said on :

    My clan of four and I saw you guys at Adelphi university tonight. Great GREAT show!! Thank you so much for bringing such wonderful music to our lives!

  2. Paul said on :

    These guys played a preview concert this afternoon at the Winona County Historical Society. A packed room. I was lucky to be sitting front and center, 10 feet away at most. Amazing group. Very engaging. They play at the Page theater tonight in Winona, MN. Don’t miss them.

  3. Cathy R said on :

    Great concert in Seattle last night. Followed your music since early 2000 when you performed in Bellingham, Washington and the ceiling at the venue fell in before the performance! You all hav eonly gotten more spectacular. See you on your next stop in Seattle.

  4. Joan O'Brien said on :

    Always enjoy your music but thought Monday’s performance at Sierra Nevada Brewery with Tim O’Brien could have been better.

  5. Mitch Shelton said on :

    Santa Fe Loves You! 20 Years of Pure Joy. Your New CD (CAS) is AMAZING!!! Definite Award Winner. PLATIUM. Everyone shines through out !!!

  6. Tatiana said on :

    Hi! :D!! Greetings from Argentina! I draw and I’m at my best when I do so when listening to your beautiful music. The bagpipe is my favorite.
    I hope you guys visit someday. I know its very far! Some irish/celtic folk bands usually organise with these people: http://festivalcelta.com.ar/
    That’s where I go see them anyways. I would love to see you! Bye! Please continue to be amazing! :D !!

  7. pvs said on :

    Andalusia is waiting for you, guys!! With so many expats here, the lovely locals, the beach, the food and the warm weather you surely will want to stay!

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