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  1. Drew Donnell said on :

    Thanks for the great shows at NC Folk Fest this past weekend, we got to enjoy a few of them,and thanks for the autographs on your cd,and the one on my shirt by accident,,,safe travels to you and hope to see you again in the future

  2. Klaus Hehl said on :

    Hello guys, I’m a big fan of you. When are you coming to Germany?

  3. Susan said on :

    I hope you will come to New York soon. I have loved your music for so many years! Thank you, and all the best to you all.

  4. Maryanne said on :

    Thanks for the great night tonight at the Iron Horse in Northampton! Please, please do return next time you’re in the Boston neighborhood. I promise you’ll sell out again!
    Each of you is a tremendous musician and the combination is spectacular. I am filled up with the tunes and your obvious love of the music and enjoyment of playing together. How about a solo by Trevor next show? He rocks the double bass!

  5. Brian Mc Gowan said on :

    Absolutely flawless performance at Symphony Space in Manhattan on St. Patrick’s Night!

  6. R&R said on :

    Great concert at The Ark in Ann Arbor, MI. The energy level from you guys was so fun ! We can’t wait to see you again (and again…)

  7. Mauricio Faber said on :

    Ohhh i haven´t opportunity to see a concert of Lunasa in Cork but that´s kind of music, folk irish music remains on my mind, one day who knows!!!! Best songs best band wonderful song

  8. Kristin McConnell said on :

    My family and I enjoyed your show in Pasadena last night, February 23. It was a joy to speak with both Ed and Colin, as well as getting Ed’s autograph in my Lúnasa music book. Please don’t wait so long to come back! Sláinte!

  9. Giorgio said on :

    Hello Lunasa:

    I was at your Pasadena concert. Wonderful show!

    Thank you,


  10. Jonathan said on :

    Saw you at Caltech 2/23/19. Wonderful music and compositions!!! Thank you.

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