THE SCOTSMAN – Record Of The Week

Lúnasa: The Kinnitty Sessions **** THE excellent Irish quintet Lúnasa are in full flight in this uplifting session, recorded live for an invited audience (not heard on the disc) at Kinnitty Castle in Co Offaly late last year. Much of their material is traditional and the newer tunes are very much in that idiom, although […]

THE KINNITTY SESSIONS – The Green Man (extracts)

Lúnasa, The Kinnitty Sessions (Compass Records, 2004) … if you are a fan of Irish music, this is a must hear album. As I said in a review of Redwood, ‘Green Man has reviewed all of the previous Lúnasa CDs, which should not surprise you as this is a group that deserves all the attention […]


Lúnasa Returns With a Vengeance CEOL By Earle Hitchner [published in the February 25,2004, issue of the IRISH ECHO newspaper in New York City. Last year was often an enervating, exasperating experience for the Irish traditional quintet Lúnasa. Their heated contractual dispute with Green Linnet Records, their former label, became public and tended to overshadow […]


Lúnasa The Kinnity Sessions Compass Records Recorded live at Kinnitty Castle, County Offaly, The Kinnitty Sessions, Ireland’s Lunasa’s fifth record, is an electrifying affair that proves that there should be an exclamation point at the end of their name. The group handles traditional music with the ease of veteran jazz players, bypassing head nods and […]


Lúnasa and Kate Rusby Band playing this prestigious festival …Lúnasa were the first folk act appearing during this year’s Prom season. Having seen them here the first time, I was impressed by this magnificent Irish band. Lúnasa’s playing is very tight and full of innovative ideas. The musicians are obviously some of the very best […]

The Irish Times

Whelan’s, Dublin – 13/14 November 2002 Pushing the outside of the envelope and changing its measure completely are two entirely different propositions. Lúnasa may have been tiptoeing around the periphery of the tradition for some time, but now they’ve stretched and bent it so far that they’ve catapulted both themselves and the music onto another […]


So much dross hits the shelves in the name of celtic music thes days that everybody queuing up to purchase the latest pseudo-new age nonsense by Lorenna Mc Kennitt or worse should have it ripped our of their hands to be replaced by this wondrously fiery CD.By now Lunasa must be heartily sick of being […]

The Irish Times

The Irish Times gave “The Merry Sisters of Fate” a five star ABSOLUTELY UNMISSABLE rating. “Third album in and they’re already breaking speed limits. Lunasa, the quintet whe’ve been ricocheting back and forth accross the globe, notching up more live appearances than Bertie Aherne, are rightfully bearing fruit of every texture and hue. Defined by […]

The Merry Sisters of Fate, Trad With A Twist

What a breath of fresh (not hot) air Lúnasa is.Flutist Kevin Crawford, fiddler Seán Smyth, uilleann piper Cillian Vallely, guitaristDonogh Hennessy and bassist Trevor Hutchinson take only their music,never themselves, seriously. Despite the cheeky title of this Irishinstrumental band’s third album since its founding in late 1996, nothing isreally left to fate on this merry […]

The Gazette, Montreal

If the Clancy Brothers are the altar boys gone astray, then Lunasa mustbe the druids. Taking their name from a pagan harvest festival, the menof Lunasa offer instrumental music that blends the flutter of pennywhistle and bleat of pipes with fiddles and heart-beat bodhran. Even asthe music flits and floats, a core of darkness bubbles […]