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“The group doesn’t just play jigs and reels as they have been handed down for generations … but rather more textured and nuanced variants of the Irish dance music, displaying not only their notable skills on their respective instruments, but also their creativity and arrangements.” 

Hot Press 2006 & 2004

“Lunasa are at that place where the past meets the future, and when all four Lunasicks collide in one smooth ensemble they reveal a spirit few of their contemporaries can equal, as they seem to choose from a palette containing a range of sounds and moods not available to more mortal players. “”Taking Irish trad […]

The Irish Times

CD OF THE WEEK (2006) LÚNASA Sé Compass Records **** “… Lúnasa have embarked on another journey, full of hairpin bends and vertiginous peaks, fuelled by an insatiable appetite for reconnoitering routes previously uncharted .”