usa – part 2

Hi folks, just checking in after another successful tour in the U.S.

We’ve been all over the country from Altamont, NY to Sebastopol, CA, from Santa fe, NM to Richmond, VA and it’s been a throughly enjoyable tour.

We’re often asked about our mode of transport throughout the states and this is Trevors..

It’s a reliable, economical but comes with high milage.. a bit like it’s owner!

Although, we still haven’t figured out where he hides the bass.

As you know, we play on many different stages across the globe, in many types of conditions.. indoors, outdoors, high altitude etc.

Well now Kevin has come up with the perfect invention for all those blustery and windy, outdoor gigs.

They will be available in the near future at

Next stop Switzerland, looking forward to it!